48v 1000w White Step Through XDS


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Brand new 48v 1000w XDS electric bike

- Available in 15" & 18"
- BBSHD 48v1000w Bafang mid drive motor
- Comes with DPC-18 colour display 
- 3 speed Shimano internal gears

Benefits of a mid drive motor compared to the cheaper hub motor:
- More efficient
- Uses the bikes gears as the engine's transmission so the motor can run at the optimum RPM range
- Better performance
- Better at climbing hills
- Better handling
- Better weight distribution as motor is positioned close to the center of gravity and low to the ground
- Easier and better maintenance
- This video describes the different types of electric motors and the benefits of a mid drive electric motor, start at 7.00min: http://youtu.be/KL7tTUZCFDs?t=7m

Bafang Mid Drive 48v 1000w includes: 
- LCD screen
- Gear Sensor
- Thumb throttle
- Electronic brakes that automatically cuts out motor when activated
- Speed display
- Battery Life Indicator
- 9 Levels of pedal assist, plus throttle only
- Range Indicator: Odometer, trip distance and riding time
- Adjustable backlight
- Password protected to amend important settings
- Adjustable speed limiter
- Kilometer/Mile: Can be changed to suit

High-Quality Samsung Lithium Ion 48v battery, includes:
- Charger with circuit protection, cannot overcharge if you leave it on
- Keys with locking mechanism
- Removable battery that slides out can be charged indoors or on the bike
- Life: 700-1000 cycles

Bike Specs
FRAME Alloy HT:Ø42 x Ø34 x 200mm
FORK Steel 26" Ø28.6 x Ø25.4 x 236mm W:100mm
HANDLEBAR XDS Alloy W:600mm H:80mm 25°
GRIPS L:128mm R:97mm
STEM XDS Ø25.4 x 150mm E:90mm W/O Logo
SEATPOST Alloy Ø27.2 x 350mm
SEAT CLAMP Ø31.8mm Clamp
SADDLE 14mm NB62+NB62
PEDALS FP 839 - 9/16" W/Ball
GEAR SHIFTERS R: Shimano SL3S41E 3-SPD W:1800mm
FRONT BRAKES Power V Brake L:225mm x 20mm
REAR BRAKES Power V Brake L:225mm x 20mm
BRAKE LEVERS Power L/R Black/Silver
FREEWHEEL Shimano 18T (3mm) Black
CHAIN KMC 1/2" x 1/8" x 98L
CHAINGUARD Steel P 38-42T 450mm
HEADSET FP-Ø25.4 x Ø34 x Ø30mm
FRONT HUB KT Alloy 24G x 36H
REAR HUB Shimano ASG 3R40 3-SPD
SPOKES Stainless Steel 14G x 263mm
TYRES 26" x 1.75" White Wall A/V
RIM XDS Alloy 26" x 1.5" x 14G x 36H A/V H:16.3 W:25
MUDGUARDS Steel 26" F/R W:60mm
BELL Plastic/Alloy Ø22.2
BASKET Wicker W/Steel Cradle

Transform your bike into an electric bike. We have a wide range of motors and batteries. Have someone experienced do it for you or do it yourself. Best value for money.

Please contact us for discounts or if you have any queries.

All our electric bikes are made to order with love, please allow approximately 5 business days to build, test, pack and send. We are working hard to get great quality bikes out to you as quickly as possible. 

  • 48v11.6ah Panasonic Rear Rack
  • Lekkie Bling Ring 46T BBSHD
  • Lekkie Bling Ring 42T BBSHD Option Use Only
  • Night Hawk Rear USB Charge Light Back
  • Night Glow 1000 Lumens USB Charge Head Light
  • Night Hawk Front Light USB Charger
  • Night Owl USB Charger Light Set Package
  • Small LED Light Set