48V 20Ah Generic Triangle (Hardcase) - Lithium Ion Battery


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Sturdy external hard case for extra protection.

Be sure to check measurements before purchasing.

Dimensions: 370mm x 238mm x 60mm x 350mm x 75mm

  • Specs
    • Suitable for 48v motors up to 1500w
    • Continuous discharge current: 40a
    • Peak discharge current: 100a
    • Cell arrangement: 13s8p 104x 2500mah cells
  • Includes:
    • Battery
    • 2.5a Charger with Australian plug
    • Spare set of Anderson Powerpole connectors rated to 45a with sleeve
    • 12 month warranty. Excludes misuse, abuse or water damage
    • Balance charging
    • Built in Battery Management System that prevents over discharging
    • Built in Charger Management System that prevents over charging

Each cell in every battery goes through a strict testing process for capacity, voltage, and internal resistance.

Battery chemistry: LiNiCoMnO2