BBSHD 52V 1000W (100mm) Bafang Mid Drive Kit


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Includes latest DPC-18 colour display as standard!

BBSHD 52v1000w Mid Drive Power House. The best high performance mid drive conversion kit on the market. With peak output of 1600w and 160Nm of torque. Riding a bike has never been so exhilarating.

Designed to fit a 100mm bottom bracket - This product is normally suitable for high end dual suspension bikes and fat bikes.

  • Everything you need to transform your standard bicycle into a High Performance Electric Bike
  • Includes updated 52v controller
  • 12 month warranty
  • Excellent after sales support
  • Shipped out within 24hrs of purchase  

This motor is rated to 1000w but has a peak output of over 1600w!

Benefits of a mid-drive motor compared to a cheaper hub motor:

  • Uses the bikes gears as the engines transmission so the motor can run at the optimum RPM range
  • Increased performance
  • More efficient
  • Better at climbing hills
  • Better weight distribution as the motor is positioned close to the center of gravity and low to the ground
  • Improved handling
  • Easier maintenance and installation
  • A Mid Drive ebike is easier to ride because the extra weight on the wheels of a hub ebike make it tougher to pedal

This conversion kit will be sent out with the following:

  • Motor
  • LCD display with multiple features
  • Thumb throttle
  • Brake levers; automatically cuts out motor when using brakes
  • 46t chain ring
  • Crank arms
  • Speed sensor and magnet
  • All the required nuts, bolts & cables
  • Anderson Powerpole connectors
  • All units are programmed for a smoother riding experience and includes the throttle only option

Additional Information:

  • Weight of BBSHD Motor: 5.8kg
  • With every sale we provide links on how to install the kit and LCD instructions
  • Waterproof rating of IP65. This unit is water resistant, not water proof. Rain and splashing water are no problem, but do not fully submerge it under water.
  • 12 month warranty excludes misuse or abuse
  • Please be aware of any legal requirements before purchasing this kit.
  • If there's a specific combination of motor and battery you would like that is not here please contact us