DPC-14 Colour Display


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DPC-14 Colour Display

The latest multi-colour display with vertical configuration suitable for BBS01B, BBS02B and BBSHD motors

DPC14 has additional features and functions which include:

  • High-contrast 3.2inch IPS colorful matrix screen.
  • USB charging port (5V/500mA)
  • Ergonomic external button design, easy to operate.
  • Speed display (AVG Speed, MAX Speed & Real-time Speed)
  • Kilometer / Mile which can be set according to user’s habits
  • Smart battery indicator
  • 9-level Assist (3-level/5-level/9-level optional)
  • Mileage indicator (Clock, Odometer,  Riding time & Trip distance)
  • Power/Current indicator (real time power indicator, digital or analog or Current)
  • Error code indicator
  • Software upgraded (Software can be upgraded through UART)

Here's the link to the the display manual: