36v250w Mid Drive Bikes

Some of our popular electric bikes is the 36v 250w range. These electric bikes don’t need a permit and you can ride them anywhere a normal push bike is allowed – making them the easiest entry to the ebike scene.

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36v 250w Electric Bikes

With 36volts and 250watts of power under you, your electric bike will take your further than your regular ride ever could. Light weight enough you can hope on and off the train and easily carry it up or down stairs when needed.

These E-bikes are Legal to ride on Australian Roads

The 250w ebike range is legal to ride on Australian Roads. Our bigger ranges are intended for off-road use only.

Some of the other benefits of 250w/36v ebikes include:

  • Easy operation

  • Light weight

  • Long battery life

  • Extra power when you need a boost

This range is also available as a conversion kit using Bafang mid drive motors so that you know you are getting the best.

Electric Bikes Online

Like many of our products, the 250w 36v electric bike range is available for purchase online – no specialise license or permits required – just choose from our selection of e-bikes, check out and get free delivery on all our bikes.

Stuck for choice? Reach out online or give us a call and one of our friendly ebike specialists will help you to get on the bike that is right for you.