36v500w Mid Drive Bikes

At Pirez, we convert dozens (if not hundreds) of bikes to our popular 36v 500w ebike. With more power and longer lasting batteries, you can go further off the beaten trail or stick to city streets on your daily commute or delivery run.

These efficient and powerful bikes come in a range of styles from your regular ‘mountain bike’ to a beach or city stroller type so you can enjoy the easy ride of an e-bike together.


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500w eBikes

With 500 watts of power, these bikes will help you up the toughest hills or take over while you rest after a marathon ride. Best of all, this range of ebikes start from less than $2000 – imagine how much petrol you could save when opting to jump on your brand new 500w e-bike instead of the car?

500w Bikes

Take the train? Not a problem! Our ebikes are no bigger than a regular push bike and the motor and battery pack only add a little bit of weight – still convenient to hop on and off the train.

500w Electric Bikes

Our Pirez Electric Bikes come in a range of wattages and volts, including our popular 250w and of course the 500w range.

Browse our selection of electric bikes, conversion kits, accessories and more and order online today with fast shipping country wide.