Electric Bikes

Push bikes are a common sight in most suburbs and on many streets across Australia. At Pirez, we have a passion for taking the humble push bike and converting it into an electric push bike.

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Electric Push Bikes

Imagine this, you are free-wheeling down a long stretch of road, wind whipping past and then you gently turn a corner to see the hill that now faces you – you of course are a champion and push yourself hard to get to the top and after your legs threatened to give out you flick the switch and the motor kicks in assisting you over the summit. Victory is yours this day!

Adding a motor to push bikes and converting them to electric bikes has been done for over a century, and in recent years the popularity for these vehicles have increased so much that almost anyone could tinker around with a motor and add it to their weekend ride. At Pirez, we embrace this as our vision is to “Change the world, one e-bike at a time”.

Pedal Assist Bikes

Pedal Assist Bikes are not a lazy mans ride. The motors are designed to do exactly what the name implies, assist you when the road gets tough and let you enjoy the ride for longer. Many biking enthusiasts choose to convert their rides whether they are city riders, country road users or off-road mountain bikers – you can add a motor to just about any bike out there

Pedelec Bikes Online

At Pirez, we have a wide selection of pedelec bikes available for purchase and an equally comprehensive range of e-bike conversion kits and accessories. Browse our selection online today and order your electric push bikes or kits with us and take advantage of our 12 month warranty, excellent customer service and free shipping on all our products, including  batteries, kits and accessories.

We also offer buy now pay later options with ZipMoney and AfterPay.