Lekkie Bling Ring 40T BBS Package


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The new Lekkie Bling Ring 40T BBS Package. 

The BBS Package includes: 

  • 40T Ring 
  • 2mm Spacer
  • Drivecover > To be able to run a 40T you must run the Lekkie DRIVECOVER.

In the past the smallest ring that offered the perfect chain line was the Lekkie 42T, but that is no longer the case.

The Lekkie blingring 40T is now the smallest tooth count ring available on the market that maintains the correct offset and chain line.
Lekkie made this possible by also designing the motor drive covers to work together with the 40T ring to create the most compact offset drive ring.

The blingring 40T V4.2 has an extra 2mm offset than the V1, V2 42T. This allows a little more offset for those builds that require it. But the package also comes with a 2mm spacer for those who want the standard Lekkie offset.

The 40T ring also sports a external chain guide ring to give another level of chain retention and protect your pants from engaging the chain.